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We are exposed to more chemicals and toxins in 1 day than our grandparents were in a lifetime.

I can help you change your toxic footprint with essential oils and simple swap out products - I like to call that the ditch and switch. 

Botanicals, natures gift to man, are a smart, easy option for those looking to balance and support ALL of our BODY systems naturally. 

Overworked, mature joints and muscles, alarming moods, intense/tight heads, pollen discomfort..... you name it ... there is an oil for that.

Don't be fooled by fake oils or the newer companies that are trying to be Young Living or those that attempt to look better by trashing other companies.  There are different grades of oils and believe me it makes a difference when you are dealing with wellness oils.  A bottle can legally claim to be 100% pure and only contain 5% real oil. 

Young Living has their own farms and partner farms throughout the world that are held to a superior standard while conducting vigorous and frequent testing along the distillation and bottling process.  Young Livings proprietary "Seed to Seal Process"  guarantees that you have the worlds finest essential oils for your wellness.

Do your research and become a wellness member with me!  #1409851

Energy healing, weddings, memorial services and pure botanicals as a way of wellness.

Rev. Pamela Jordan, Holistic Minister Practitioner

Founder, The Growing Scenter